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Using premium tools & resources, Micajo offers professional workmanship, established creative methods & designs. Roofing Somerset West has a reputation for quality and our capacity to offer remedies for maintenance. We are assured of a strong level of personalised contact, commitment & openness for consumers. We inform our customers about the root cause, condition and process of repair.

With the utmost security, safety and quality control, every job is handled. We make sure that all jobs are supervised, work is always orderly, discrete and our workers are diligent. A robust portfolio developed over the years of business practice promotes specific problem solving strategies. We are assured of our jobs. We are on the council of a variety of big insurance firms. If you’re interested in hiring us, our quotes are completely free.

We Offer All Types Of Roofing Services

Micajo intends to operate, sustain and build roofs to the satisfaction of our customers and to develop long-standing partnerships with our customers. Our mission is to become the general public’s favorite supplier of roofing services. We have turnkey solutions for all your roofing needs, from roof repairs to roof installations.

Just some of the facilities we provide are roof construction, refurbishment, upgrades and installations. We are proud of the many good comments, successful and accurate remarks about us and, above all, we are proud of our skilled workmanship. Roof building, roof refurbishment, roof upgrades are all but a handful of the services we have. Roof restoration is often neglected and overlooked, which may contribute to major internal damage to the house.

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Roof Maintenance is important

General roof maintenance should be carried out at least once every two years. Ricajo is here to help you find and address any current or potential issues you may have about your roof.

Micajo, takes full pride in our honesty, it has taken us years to build it. Our integrity and hard practice has paid off and top management has years of collective roofing history. We just function according to the supplier’s specifications and we would offer to do a patch-up job for you, particularly if you ask us for a special favor.

Our Company Is Trusted By Many

We are well connected in the field, and insurance agencies are sure of our honesty and standard of workmanship. We have consumers whose roofs we have looked after for 40 years. So contact us now, if you would like us to come and do a free test on your roof.

You really want to sit around when it comes to roof maintenance. It doesn’t take long for substantial problems to be developed, which would make the reconstruction process even more expensive and complex. If you’ve never had to reach out to roofing companies to have yours repaired, you might be wondering where the problems typically lie. Knowing the signs of roof collapse will allow you to recognise symptoms quickly so that you can deal with them. Handy homeowners can think they can repair their own roofs, but for this kind of work, it’s best to leave it up for the pros. Contact us now, or to learn more about us, visit our social media page.