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Micajo Flooring Somerset West has continued to fulfill new demands in the flooring solutions market as customer expectations have evolved and innovative technologies have become affordable. We may effectively build laminate flooring (e.g. laminated wooden flooring), place decorative screeds, and paint acid floors. Treatments of natural stone and terracotta tile placed us on the globe. We also have extensive expertise in the commercial flooring industry with epoxy and urethane coatings.

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Flooring Somerset West options and materials we use are of the highest quality and are sourced from reputable producers of flooring such as Stoncor, Premium Crete and Advanced finishes. Consideration is often given to the style, colour and presentation of the appropriate flooring. Materials and construction materials are adjustable and wood and metal inlays are readily inserted into projects and there can be full flooring solutions. All work is directly monitored by the owner and every step is made to ensure that the flooring is laid in acceptable time frames, consistency is ensured to produce the best outcomes in all our flooring solutions.

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Residential Flooring

Micajo Flooring Somerset West maintains that only the finest sources of laminated wooden flooring are utilized when developing and planning layouts for flooring concepts. Highest quality laminated wooden flooring is sourced according to consumer requirements and preferences. Above all else, we aim for consumer loyalty and know how to do this. Laminated wooden flooring gives to every home a special look and comfort and our rates are highly affordable!

One of our specialties is getting wooden flooring back to existence. In order to polish the wooden boards, only the best quality machinery is required. Our goods permit staining or natural finishes for sealing. All pieces are certified by SABS and are environmentally sustainable. Sanding and sealing wooden floors is a perfect way to improve the existence of your laminated wooden flooring, whether in an industrial or domestic setting.

Commercial Flooring

We provide different options, different styles and patterns for concrete flooring. Micajo is proud to give numerous ideas on what kind of concrete flooring designs and looks to go for. Making the right choices on the right concrete flooring is critical as it is sort of permanent.
For both old and modern flooring, acid staining produces a transparent, painted impact which works well as a remedy for concrete flooring. Due to the lime content of each property, color differences can vary from floor to floor. A thin film coating and staining may be added if a more consistent colour is needed. A strong polyurethane sealer is used after a floor has been painted. Stains are confined to 6 fundamental colours.
We are professionals in enhancement, and we are experts in floor contracting. We just supply these, as well as offer and mount. In industry, industrial, private, families, colleges, workplaces, childcare, clinics , hospitals, hotels , shopping malls, gymnasiums and even classrooms, we suit flooring. For our expert and trained staff, no work is too small or too large. Contact Flooring Somerset West now, or to learn more about us, visit our social media page.