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Unleash Your Houses Potential

We at Micajo Renovations Somerset West are focused around the idea that land renovation contributes to enhanced value and development in the owner’s wealth, so we never compromise on the standard of guidance, operation or implementation.

Micajo will help you turn your new house into a dream home. Our professional team will partner with you to unleash your houses full value you’ve always sought after. Whether it’s refacing the exterior or taking it down to the bare frame and beginning anew.

We Do Residential And Industrial Reconstruction

Micajo also has expertise in large-scale home transformations. We provide a large variety of refurbishment facilities for:
Industrial Houses and Buildings in Manufacturing

We can handle the project efficiently as the prime contractor from beginning to end. In order to resolve all project deliverables, we have validated quality control processes in place and therefore guarantee the best possible result for you. Our consistently good level of work shows that we provide a reliable service and provide peace of mind to our clients.

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Restoration & Remodeling In Somerset West

In all your house improvement, building remodelling or roof or waterproofing and damp repair designs, our staff are committed to delivering the highest quality and support. In making all the painting, tiling, walling, toilet, dining, paving and general home makeover and repair contractor jobs completed correctly for the first time, we have had over 30 years of combined home improvement and makeover practice.

Somerset West contractors have several experienced builder teams working in the region in Somerset West who are run by owners who know how to help you get the greatest benefit from your visions of home building or restoration. There is no task too large or too small, promised standard workmanship.

Somerset West contractors stand for budget-friendly, professional workmanship that can be counted on. We don’t take chances, but we know how to extend the bottom dollar to make sure the property’s worth avoids the time examination. If you are searching for the right home improvement contractor who knows how to offer high-value building and home remodeling facilities, email us today for a free quote.

Skilled Building

With our primary expertise with baths, kitchens, braai areas and far more with both indoor and outdoor improvements, we offer affordable improvements for house designs.

In Service Many Years
We’ve got years of professional expertise in Somerset Wests home design, repair and manufacturing industry. And we remember all the manufacturers and tricks of the trade. Our owner-led teams that can ensure that both your home construction and upgrades are on schedule for the maximum building period and are good quality.

Inexpensive Costs
At Micajo we offer high quality, and inexpensive services across Somerset West. We’ve got many clients to back our claim up. We know how important our job is for many people and this is why it is so crucial to use a home design specialist with our form of industry expertise. For a free estimate on your cost-effective remodelling project for your house, bathroom or kitchen, contact us today or visit our social media page.